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Mini Excavator K-008 Mini Excavator K-008

Daily Rate: $240
Weekly Rate: $960
Monthly Rate: $2880

Fuel: $35 one time charge per order

The K-008 is a great machine that fits through doorways. This machine is 34" and has the capability of reducing its width to 29". This machine also has a built-in scrubber on the muffler, reducing the emissions for indoor use.

Digs to a depth 5.5 feet

The K-008 comes with a 12" or 14" tooth bucket or 14" cleanup bucket

Our Price: $240.00
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Excavators Excavators

Daily Rate: $300.00
Weekly Rate:$1200.00
Monthly Rate: $3600.00

Fuel: $70 one time charge

The leader of compact excavators. The KX040 has excellent capacity for digging and lifting. Watch this video to see why renting the Kubota KX040 is your best choice

Digging depth: 11.5 feet
Built-in Scrubber for reduced indoor emissions


Included: 24" Tooth Bucket
Optional: 36" Twist Bicket
30" Cleanup Bucket

Our Price: $300.00
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